My Akhal-Teke Cup Tour 2015
The ride through the Hessian Ried
13.06.2015 - My Akhal-Teke Cup 2015 in the Hessian Ried. Over 50 riders set off on their routes in the early hours of the morning from the Burghof stud farm in Riedstadt-Wolfskehlen. Fortunately, the weather gods were on our side, so that all participants could complete their ride without any worries.
At the finish line, Peter Reimer and Uwe Töns from the E.A.A.T. European Association of Akhal-Teke handed out great prizes and awards.
Here are the results at a glance:
My Akhalteke Cup 2015: Special classification for Akhal-Tekes!
Winner: Uschi Martin with Schiwago
Distance: 82 km
1st place:
Anette Mayer with El Sahra Juba il Lail (riding time: 302)

Lena Siller with El Sahra Emile Zola
(riding time: 302)

3rd place:
Inga Borrmann with Hero ox 96
(riding time: 329)

Uschi Martin with Schiwago
(riding time: 328)

There were 3 Achal Tekkiner in the race on this course, besides Uschi Martin (Schiwago) Kirsten Seidel (Gujan) and Oliver Rössler (Atija) finished successfully!
Distance: 41 km
1st place:
Nadine Roth with Boy
(riding time: 163).

2nd place:
Christine Kutscher with GhomA
(riding time: 168)

3rd place:
Nicole Lauck with Sure Danzig
(riding time: 179)

Christin Friedenberger with Ibn Zahib
(riding time: 179)

Iris Molnar with Nelsen Mandela
(riding time: 179)
Distance: 40 km
1st place:
Sarah Hahn with Al Kahir
(riding time: 204)

2nd place:
Silke Hensel with Samir ibn Nahbay
(riding time: 245)

Luisa Hinkel with Cheyana
(riding time: 264)

Dana Welter with Amazonia XX
(riding time: 264)
We would like to thank all riders, helpers and organisers for this great day at the Hessisches Ried. We are already looking forward to next year!

Your E.A.A.T. Team!
+4915141925889 - Peter Reimer