14, Juli 2018
European Championship of the Akhal-Teke breed in France 2018
At this year's European Championship in France, two of our Akhal-Teke stallions won the gold and bronze medals. Safar and Hamgar, presented our stud and breeding in all its glory. They earned four awards and the overall victory. We are extremely proud of the result and confident about the fresh foals. - More victories will follow.
"In a noble horse, one does not appreciate his strength, but his character."
The Akhal-Teke

Known for their special, noble appearance and their supple, shiny coat, but equally for their strong character and their elegance and high endurance, the Achal-Tekkiner breed is known worldwide by the reputation of the "heavenly horse". This breed, which has existed for more than 2,000 years, originated in the region of the Turkmen desert, where they prevailed due to their high resistance and hardiness.

"The Achal Tekkiner are true multi-talents and versatile. They impress with their charm, harmonious conformation and elegant appearance"

— (Peter Reimer, Managing Director).
Four titles and the European Champion

Our three-year-old stallion Safar can now officially call himself "European Champion". He won as the best in his class (2-4 year old stallions), he also won the "Star of Turkestan" and finally he took the "over alll" victory, as the best of the best. We are incredibly proud and very happy. The one year younger golden coloured Hamgar won the bronze medal with the third place, bringing another title to our stud/for our stud Sporthorses Stud.
High expectations for breeding

The fresh Akhal Teke foals of our stud Sporthorses Stud give us great anticipation and we have high expectations for their career after such a brilliant championship in France.
We have already published photos of the beautiful foals on Facebook, so please have a look and let yourself be captivated by their charm.
Looking forward to the new breeding offspring
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